You have probably heard of other websites like, or but this is the best website with pricing and deals you found that is easy, affordable and most decent quality with flexibility availability. You found an independent service and artist-performer which is different than those big, large highly exposed businesses. He has always had a good experience with other popular or trending Genres (hip hop, trap, progressive trance, techno as a Musician, Singer-Songrwiter, Instrumentalist, Performer. It is under its own branding known as NAEGLEMUSIC, a producer from the Northwest of Oregon and growth developed most vastly during his time in East to North Valley cities of Arizona: NAEGLE. NAEGLE enjoys more now the performance side of things, but also enjoys experience of producing from a studio DAW, versus DAWLESS too.

This is a business arrangement whereby he composes a track for another artist, singer, instrumentalist who releases that track under his/her own name. NAEGLE receives an income in the form of either royalty payments or a flat fee for their work IF projects reach that depth.

Meanwhile, singers and artists, when ready submit your inquiries here to get a Free EDM Production Quote.