For Inquiries Regards to Yourself As a Live Artist:

    Naegle Music
    East Valley Arizona
    Voicemail: 480.359.5966
    naeglemusic at gmail dot com


    Naegle: The dream maker. One that you feel!

    Indeed, where words end, the silence of music began! Wisdom and philosophy may bring revolution, but music has the power to change people’s thoughts. If you can connect with the tune, your spirits would brighten up and shine like a sun. Certainly, Naegle is doing the same with notes and chords. From Arizona to Atlanta, everywhere you can feel his passions for the inexpressible music.

    Born in Arizona, Naegle was always keen on music from his childhood. He used to deejay in various venues since his high-school year. But after a trivial incident that woke up his singer-songwriter-guitarist instinct, there is no way back for him. He started interpreting the literature of the heart and created many in pieces. With the universal language of all souls, Naegle was able to connect with his audiences. He literally exerted his pain and transformed it into something elegant.

    However, the ghost of the past may not ready to keep Naegle alone. He received many requests to perform live in events like- festivals, dance music events, etc. Still, Naegle was determined and focused on his new endeavour. He is now after the secret of life and wants to solve the puzzles with music. Now he is on an important mission to introduce the world to the harmony of Naegle’s music.

    In any event, you may be already familiar with the punch of his works. If not, now he is working on a few songs based on House Music. But that’s not all; he has some unfinished projects on Trance, Techno, and Trap beats. He likes to keep things simple and local. His influences are like- rain, petrichor, nature, people, and more. These forces, combined with his mighty works, turning into a mystic sphere. Surely, you will feel the different layers of comfort, unity and
    harmony from his works.

    On the contrary, Naegle never forgets his past and never misremembered the display of gratitude for the friendly European producers. Some of them are- Paul Oakenfold, Paul Van Dyk, Tiesto, BT, ATB, etc. But one of his strongest influences and mentor was Skylab2000. The Skylab2000 was a live electronic musician who travelled to many countries on the map, which all started with technical questions plus knowledge and yielded many masterpieces. Some of Skylab2000’s famous songs are- Two of Us, Keep it Coming, Deck the Halls, etc.

    Presently, Naegle has different works showcased on famous platforms like Youtube, SoundCloud, and TikTok. You can enjoy his powerful instrumental creations from these apps. However, Naegle never uses an artificial compose system like a laptop and software. Instead, he uses all the physical instruments to produce something almost immeasurable. His ‘Paradise On Ice’ will retain you calm and relaxed. Whereas ‘A Dragons Heart’ will transform you into something energetic like ‘007 Bond’!

    His anonymous image may annoy you, but Naegle has artistic freedom within his fans, including the hymnography realm. When you like to feel a substantial serving of unspoiled music, you should spot Naegle’s style. He is busy creating music with attitude and appearance for us. Naegle is not chauvinistic; he reflects the moonlight in the dark night of the world. For him, life is poisonous without music. We respect his thoughts and wish further success for him!