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Naegle – June Eyes (House Mix)


Naegle’s original produced track called June Eyes. Mastered by NMusic 2021.

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$10 goes towards supporting local House music, and Electronic Music Producer in Arizona known as NAEGLE.

“…This is NAEGLE, in Arizona and this is my house mix version of June Eyes. An original inspired of being in the country of Japan. Bookings use the socials IG: @iamnaegle….”


“…Wowza this guy had some amazing nuances and touches from cold to hot, then raw and plush landscaping sounds.. and he will produce just about any genre beats and project. Just bring it to him. He produces for himself for performance but he’s humble enjoys making the real deal. Throw down the G’s for this download deejays, you get 120BPM and a custom track that nobody can copy you on when you drop it live. Its worth it to stay connected here and check out more as recordings, masters get released of his upcoming teasers and single releases”. -Cal / New York.