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From limited collections, inviting Asia’s discerning audience to embrace authentic Japanese fashion. Influenced by music and guided expressions of NAEGLE. Enjoy these dragon-smoking deals that symbolize comfort, happiness, luck, and success. Elevate your style with NAEGLE’s distinctive blend of artistry and fashion.

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NAEGLE Kizuna 絆記念フォトカード、前面光沢、アーティスト箔サイン入り

NAEGLE Kizuna 絆記念フォトカード、前面光沢、アーティスト箔サイン入り

정가 ¥18 JPY
정가 할인가 ¥18 JPY
할인 품절

NAEGLE 絆記念フォトカード、前面光沢、アーティスト箔サイン入り

NAEGLE Kizuna keepsake photo card with front gloss and artist foil signature




  3.5" x 4.87" (Vertical)
Width, cm 8.89
Height, cm 12.36


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